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Touchstone Institute goes above and beyond to offer a comprehensive learning experience. We understand that education be quite costly so we have designed our programs to be completed in in as short of time as possible while still teaching you everything you need to be successful.

The Touchstone Institute Career Services staff assists students in identifying and achieving their career goals. Alumni can also utilize our Career Services.

Let our career services staff share their expertise and advise you when making those important career decisions. Our staff looks forward to meeting with you shortly after you enroll. At Touchstone, you are introduced to your Career Services advisor at the very beginning of the program. You will be working with your advisor every step of your educational journey. This is just another way we ensure you achieve your goal of getting the job you desire!

You will learn how to stand out among the other hundreds of other applicants competing for the same job. Did you know:

  • It is rarely the person who is most qualified and most educated who gets the job. It is usually the applicant who was most memorable and left a lasting impression.
  • Most resumes and cover letters never even get read by hiring managers.
  • Some of the most critical hiring decisions are made by what the applicant does after the interview.

At Touchstone Institute we do know what it takes to get the job! Other schools wait until the tail end of your program to give you tips on effective job search strategies. Since these are just quick blips of information you will quickly find yourself reverting back to your old unsuccessful ways. That’s why we start training you on how to do a better job of getting the job on day one. What you may not realize (yet) is that “getting the job” is a skill within itself. This skill must be learned and practiced if you want that competitive edge over the other applicants.


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